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Implementing AI-Powered Fleet Safety for Pepsico Egypt

Shelter Technology deployed an end-to-end AI fleet safety system to help Pepsico Egypt monitor driver behavior and compliance.


Pepsico Egypt, a leading food and beverage company, was facing challenges in monitoring the behavior of its fleet drivers. The company needed a system to ensure the safety of its drivers and vehicles, and to comply with the regulations and standards set by the health and safety department.

Detailed Solution

Design & Development

  1. In-Vehicle Cameras: Installed high-definition cameras to capture driver activity, cabin view and road conditions.
  2. Computer Vision System: Developed machine learning algorithms to analyze video feed and detect safety violations.
  3. Violation Alert System: Built real-time alert module to notify managers via mobile app about risky behaviors.
  4. Analytics Dashboard: Designed interactive dashboards for fleet safety analytics and trends.
Testing & Deployment
  1. Pilot Testing: Tested the system on a small fleet to refine video analysis and alert accuracy.
  2. Driver Feedback: Collated driver inputs on workflow integration to improve compliance.
  3. Security Audit: Conducted extensive security testing to prevent unauthorized access to video data.
  4. Training: Provided detailed training to fleet managers on using the video analytics dashboards.
  5. Phased Rollout: Executed a phased rollout to eventually cover Pepsico’s entire fleet.


The implementation of the Fleet Management System with AI cameras has helped Pepsico Egypt to improve the safety of its drivers and vehicles. The system has also helped the company to comply with the regulations and standards set by the health and safety department. The AI cameras have provided the company with real-time insights into driver behavior, enabling the health and safety department to take corrective action in real-time. The company has also seen a significant reduction in the number of accidents involving its fleet vehicles, which has improved the overall safety and well-being of its drivers. 

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