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The Problem

Sharing files and data securely has become a major pain point for users:

  • Cloud storage services like Dropbox have vulnerabilities and do not provide granular sharing controls.
  • Traditional encryption apps lack features to easily revoke access from recipients. Once files are shared, they remain available.
  • Users want encrypted sharing to be as seamless as social apps and messaging. Existing encryption UX is complex.

There was a clear need for an intuitive encryption app providing tighter access controls for users.

The Solution

The ABSI app was developed to be the first social encryption platform giving users complete control.

Key features include:

  • Military-grade AES-256 encryption for all files.
  • User profiles and contacts to selectively share with.
  • Key management system to distribute and revoke file access.
  • Ability to instantly revoke recipient access after sharing files.
  • Seamless UX for encrypting, sharing, and revoking access.

The Design

ABSI was designed as a mobile-first app experience. The interface focused on simplicity:

  • Clean layout similar to messaging apps.
  • Contacts section for managing sharing profile.
  • Encryption and decryption handled in the background – no complex options.
  • Notification alerts when receiving shared encrypted content.

This allowed file encryption to feel like a natural extension of already familiar social sharing.


Extensive testing was done on ABSI’s encryption and key management functionality:

  • Unit tests on encryption algorithms and key generation.
  • Integration testing of storage, retrieval, and revocation of keys.
  • User interface tests on sharing, notifications, and access revocation flows.
  • Security audits to validate encryption strength.
  • Performance load testing to simulate user usage at scale.

Rigorous testing ensured ABSI delivered a seamless, secure social encryption experience.


The ABSI app achieved its goals of easy-to-use social encryption with unprecedented user control. Users praised the intuitive interface and access revocation features. ABSI set a new standard for secure sharing between trusted contacts.